Your Brand Ecosystem™
Get Rooted
Use the power of your values to grow roots for your brand and build your creative business with intention & clarity - without sacrificing your soul or personality.

A hybrid self-paced course with community access & live support to help you create a business rooted in what matters - and that will help you grow in the way that YOU want to, not the way everyone says you should do.
Learn how to create the visual branches of your brand.

In this course, I’ll be teaching you how to create a visual, values-driven brand design for your business. I’ll show you my unique, intuitive process of how to take your brand roots & foundations and create a brand that’s a visual reflection of who you are – but that also helps you grow with intention & impact.
Blossom Workshop
Embody your brand in your business & marketing.

In this workshop I’ll teach you how to embody your brand so that you can show up & take confident, aligned action to grow your business. I’ll share my methods for creating an authentic marketing plan that helps you to take the right kind of action to help you grow without the ick.
Digital Products
Magical Notion Workbooks
This toolkit will show you how to create a magical auto-filling workbook on Notion that's not only easy to maintain, but engaging and exciting for your clients & customers to fill in too.
Brand Vision Toolkit
This toolkit will help you go from the messy middle of figuring out your business journey to having total clarity around what your business vision is & the impact you want your work to have - and then have a better idea of how you want to get there. Let's dig in!
Seasonal Planning Template
This Notion template will walk you through my signature seasonal planning process so that we can start planning with intention, get clarity on your goals, and create a monthly action plan to bring it all to life.
Project Planning for Spoonies
This Notion toolkit & planning template will give you all you need to actually get stuff done and bring your projects to life when chronic illness life happens (because you know it will).